How to Surprise Him with Lingerie?

How to Surprise Him with Lingerie?


Lingerie is very beautiful, but buying it and wearing it can also be terrifying. For some people, getting lingerie carries them to an utterly unexplored place in the world of undergarments. If you cannot recollect when last you surprised your man with a nice new set of lingerie or have never surprised him with lingerie, this piece is for you.

But first, why lingerie – I mean, why go through the whole process of choosing the best piece for you when the final result is the same; well, here are a few reasons why:

  • Lingerie builds confidence: Studies have shown that wearing a nice lingerie set can boost a woman's confidence and self-esteem. This is one of the leading reasons women wear lingerie – even when no one else can or will see it. Confidence makes women appear physically more attractive, and if you are wearing lingerie to surprise your man, you have achieved the goal.
    The idea of wearing nice or sexy lingerie for yourself can actually have a positive effect on your emotional state

  • It is Sexy: Wearing lingerie sets, lacey panties, push-up bras, stockings, garter belts, corsets, bustiers, and thongs give that little extra boost of confidence that celebrates sexuality no matter what size you are. Sexy is not just the way someone looks but the way someone feels

  • It provides support: Apart from being sexy, Lingerie can also be practical and helpful. The push-up bras and sports bras keep everything in place. Push-up bras lift the bust to prevent sagging; it keeps the breasts together to appear more prominent.

Sports bras move all the support and weight of the bust towards the back. This results in less jiggling of the bust when running.

  • Lingerie helps keep the relationship spicy: Lingerie can turn your everyday life into something exciting. Relationships and marriages can get 'boring' if the same thing happens daily. Lingerie such as baby dolls, teddies, or garter belts can create a sexy surprise for a partner. Lingerie reignites passion with novelty. Things that were once boring can be fun again!

Deciding to put on lingerie for yourself or your partner is an all-win. Your partner gets the exclusive pleasure of seeing you dressed only in lingerie, which will remind him of one of the many rewards he is getting by being your man.

If you are new to the world of lingerie, you can start with great-fitting and good-looking sets. If you are an advanced lingerie lover, you can go for the over-the-top sets, something unexpected.

Since we have settled the why we can move on to the how. Most women tend to feel shy about letting their partner see them in lingerie, especially if it is going to be the first time. Most people think men want Victoria's Secret models, but this is usually not the case. He already knows what you look like naked, so while you might feel insecure because you don't look like a Victoria's Secret model, the reality is that's the last thing on his mind.

If you can't remember when last you surprised your man with a nice new set of lingerie, you're missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to be his fantasy.

  • Lingerie is all about anticipation.

Imagine covering the best meal ever with a beautiful cover. I bet you can't wait to pull off the cover to see and devour the food. The same thing goes with lingerie.

It's all about anticipation. It is about setting the tone and delivering a spicy night. So when you are shopping for the perfect lingerie, keep in mind that he is supposed to feel the anticipation. Wearing lingerie can be simultaneously exhilarating, and at this point, you are eager and giddy with delight imagining how your partner would look at you.
Don't forget that you are wearing lingerie is FOR YOU. Please buy and wear only the styles that make you feel amazing and sexy.

  • Set the Tone

After wearing lingerie, most women say they feel suddenly more confident, sexy, and sassy.

With this confidence, you can decide to walk around in lingerie without even saying anything and letting your looks do the talking.

You can text or call your partner, letting them know there's something up, or send them provocative texts showing you want something tonight.

Remember that the surprise itself is you, so whatever else you do, it doesn't have to be off the top. The more at ease you are with yourself, the more you will enjoy the night even more.

  • Get him Comfortable

When you are ready, looking gorgeous, drinking wine, and maybe eating some snacks, don't give away the surprise immediately.

Get him comfortable, flirt, and talk with him before inviting him to see your whole outfit.

Don't be afraid to explore your fantasies or his fantasies. You can lead things however you want from here.

  • Play with all possibilities

Play with all the possibilities! If you think of a way to spice up the night, do it. You could play with the light and make a little show for your partner.

Dos and Don'ts of Getting a Lingerie

  • If you are new to Lingerie, get the basics such as a t-shirt bra, a plunge bra, lacey panties, and matching sets.
  • Do not go straight for the three-piece garter sets if you are new to the lingerie world. Don't just go all in. Start slow and figure out your tastes ad level of comfort.
  • Don't lock up your eccentric side. Whatever suits your interest, don't be afraid to go for it, and you will feel fantastic every time you wear the piece.
  • Hand-washing your lingerie is one of the best ways to take care of your lingerie. Wash with delicate lingerie wash and warm water. Wash, rinse, gently squeeze the water, and lay flat to dry.
  • Always get something that will continue to delight you even after you have unwrapped it.
  • Always check the quality of the fabric- whether it is silk, laces, unique designs, or embellishments, it is always better to get quality materials.
  • You have to love wearing lingerie. If you want to feel comfortable and sexy in lingerie, you have to first fall in love with how it looks on you. You are good to go once you get the right lingerie set or design.
  • Do not ever stick your lingerie in a dryer. It may damage the delicate material of your lingerie.
  • Change your lingerie with the season. Lingerie changes with fashion, and if you are the kind that loves to wear lingerie for yourself and under your clothes, this might be a factor to consider. (For example, if you are the kind to wear lingerie under a suit jacket or under your silk blouses)
  • Place your bras properly in your drawer. Ensure that you hook the clasps of the bra before keeping them. Also, check to see that the cups are not twisted or turned inside out. It would be best if you hung your lingerie pieces like chemises so the delicate fabrics so they don't snag or tear.


The main point of wearing lingerie is to make you feel beautiful and comfortable with your sexuality.

In trying to surprise your partner with lingerie, remember to have fun. Don't be shy to try different things and get out of the routine.